Reemployment TN



All services are provided by the state of Tennessee at no cost to the job seeker and may include:


If additional training is needed, funding is available for eligible individuals for short-term training or credentials and associated supportive services, such as transportation assistance and funding for work attire, or other requirements needed to make a successful return to Tennessee’s workforce.  

ASSISTANCE WITH SETTING UP AND/OR UTILIZING A JOBS4TN ACCOUNT combines the Department’s Unemployment Division and its Workforce Services Division into a powerful workforce development tool for Tennesseans searching for a new job. This integration allows individuals access to more than 210,000 current job openings across the state, career services and job training opportunities – all online.


Developing or enhancing resumes, enhancing interviewing skills, reviewing labor market and career information, and more.


Connecting individuals with available positions and hiring employers through targeted job fairs, hiring events, job postings, and subsidized employment positions.


Offering information on and referral to additional reemployment services and other AJC services, resources, and training, as appropriate.

Dislocated Worker Returns to Work in New Truck Driving Career

gerald snell croppedAfter being laid-off from Liberty Oilfield Services LLC in April due to the unanticipated and dramatic downturn in the industry due to COVID-19, Gerald Snell sought reemployment services through the American Job Center in Dyersburg. With the assistance of his Career Advisors, Olivia Capps and Wilma Capps, Gerald identified truck driver training as the best way to reenter the workforce quickly. 

 “I chose truck driving because I knew it was an industry that was always in need and will never go away so there would always be job opportunities.”

Through the American Job Center, Gerald received a scholarship of $3,284 to cover the tuition and fees of attending Roadrunner Driving School in Sharon, TN, as well as a transportation stipend to assist with the costs of commuting to training. 

 “The experience at Roadrunner was second to none” said Gerald. “I had a lot of hands on with this class, which I think was great because when it was time for me to take my road test after his course I had all the confidence I needed to pass.” After successfully completing training, Gerald went to work in November with Indiana Transport as an On Road Driver. “My salary now basically comes down to how much I want to drive…so it's really in your hands how much you make."

For more information or to participate in the Reemploy Tennessee program, contact the American Job Center nearest you!